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Adiponectin ITA Reagent Kit

Adiponectin ITA Reagent Kit
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Many clinical studies demonstrated that circulating adiponectin levels are decreased significantly in type 2 diabetes,  coronary heart diseases and stroke. Decreased circulating adiponectin levels indicate the increased risk for the  development of aforementioned diseases.




Assay Characteristics


Adiponectin Assay Procedure



Assay Reference range


Female serum sample ≥ 4 mg/L , Male Serum Sample ≥ 3.5mg/L



Distribution of Adiponectin in Human Serum




Cat # Product Name Size
51010-05 Adiponectin assay(Immunoturbidimetric), 100T R1: 15 ml, R2: 5ml (approximately 100 tests)
51010-10 Adiponectin assay(Immunoturbidimetric), 200T R1: 30 ml, R2: 10ml (approximately 200 tests)
51010-20 Adiponectin assay(Immunoturbidimetric), 400T R1: 60 ml, R2: 20ml (approximately 400 tests)
51010-50 Adiponectin assay(Immunoturbidimetric), 1000T R1: 150 ml, R2: 50ml (approximately 1000 tests)
51010-100 Adiponectin assay(Immunoturbidimetric), 2000T R1: 300 ml, R2: 100ml (approximately 2000 tests)
  Bulk order please equire  
51010-S1 Adiponectin Calibrator, 6x1ml 6x 1ml 
51010-S2 Adiponectin Calibrator, 6x2ml 6x 2ml


For Research Use Only (RUO)





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